Daya Foundation’s Stories

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”
― Rabindranath Tagore

Dayaram Bhakta Mathema always believed that service was the best way to express humanity.  Seeing the situation of the Nepalese community in those days, Mr Mathema wanted to establish an organisation that would work for the upliftment of education and health. He also wanted to help preserve and promote the rich culture of Nepal.  Even in those days, he knew that if women were empowered and educated, it could create a better society. So with the principle of helping those who deserve it the most, Daya Foundation was established to honor his vision.

Today, Daya Foundation is actively engaged in conducting projects in the sectors of education, health and culture. We have provided school meals, scholarships for needy students, conducted comprehensive health camps and various events promoting Nepalese culture.

We, Daya Foundation, would like to welcome all the readers visiting our blog page!